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Temple Beth El
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Temple Beth El

Temple Beth El’s acclaimed Early Childhood Center has been enlightening children for over 15 illustrious years. The school has forged a strong reputation within the local community for its loving, experienced and long–term staff who are dedicated to each and every child in the program.

Temple Beth El offers a multitude of classes including Parent/Toddler classes for 7–24 months, Preschool for 2–4 years and a Pre–K program. In addition, Temple Beth El offers dynamic after school enrichment classes and before and after school care.

Each year, Temple Beth El has been able to provide early education for children with varying special needs in a traditional classroom setting. For example, a child in need of a support facilitator would be welcomed and immersed in the program.

Temple Beth El’s preschool curriculum is built with a balance between academic and developmental philosophies of education, with an emphasis on the whole child. It is designed to create an environment that encourages a love for learning, with a focus on the social, emotional, cognitive and physical development of each child.

Pre–K students prepare for Kindergarten by utilizing the “Get Set for School/Handwriting Without Tears” curriculum. All Pre–K teachers have been trained in this program to best implement the curriculum.

The Temple Beth El facility is clean, bright and cheerful and has large playground–facing windows in each room. The school goes the extra mile to help create not just a vivid and cheerful atmosphere, but a splendid learning environment.

Check the Temple Beth El website at for registration forms and to learn all about programs being offered. Registration is now open. The school welcomes prospective families to schedule a tour of Temple Beth El Early Childhood Center. You can contact the admissions office at (949) 362–3999 ext. 317 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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Temple Beth El