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Saddleback Valley Christian School
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Saddleback Valley Christian School

“Unlike his roommates, the young man didn’t go to college to ‘find’ himself. He was never lost. In fact, he wanted to build a company. He studied Finance and International Law. He interned at a start–up near his university to become more expert in Technology. He launched his company after graduating. It monitored water supply networks in developing countries to minimize pollutants. It thrived. It also improved the lives of millions of people. On long flights overseas, the man thinks back to his high school… to ‘The Tree,’ Friday night football, and inspiring teachers. He knows he found confidence there. He knows he found character. But more than anything, he knows he has found his purpose.”


  • Independent Christian School
  • WASC–Accredited
  • UC–approved college prep program
  • Small classroom sizes/low student to teacher ratio
  • 1 to 1 technology program
  • Abundant athletic, arts, mission and service opportunities
  • Serving all of South Orange County since 1997

To educate and disciple all students as they discover their purpose in the work of God’s Kingdom.


  • The advancement of the cause of Christ in the world.
  • Model and emulate Christ while seeking to disciple students.
  • Worship God in every way possible.


  • Believes that every student is fearfully and wonderfully made.
  • Understands that every decision should be made through the lens of student experience.
  • Affirms that diversity and accessibility are central to the development of Christian community.

For more information, email Grant Waggoner, Director of Admission at

Saddleback Valley Christian School
26333 Oso Road
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Saddleback Valley Christian School