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Dr. Mogavero

Dr. Mogavero

Smile Success Stories

For the past 27 years, Dr. Frank Mogavero has been perfecting the art of the smile, helping thousands of patients find confidence and success in every aspect of their lives. His unique approach to dentistry always puts his patients first, and provides an energetic, fun, yet professional atmosphere where even the most anxious patient feels at home.

His tricked-out, San Clemente office includes genuine ski lift chairs from Mammoth Mountain, autographed photos from professional athletes, and a killer wall of signed skateboards from popular names in the sport. Known for treating X Games skaters, snowboarders, and extreme athletes, television personalities and other recognizable faces, Dr. Mogavero understands how important a great smile is for all of his patients, but especially those in the limelight. “I’ve always liked people,” relates Dr. Mogavero, “and working with kids. I love creating beautiful smiles and seeing how it transforms people’s lives, watching my patients grow down the line.”

The art of the smile is about more than cosmetics, which is why Dr. Mogavero specializes in both surgical and airway orthodontics — the science of realigning the teeth and facial bones to improve breathing and to alleviate airway obstacles. Patients who have suffered from chronic snoring, asthma, and ear infections can suddenly find relief through this often overlooked dental procedure.

Being a patient of Dr. Mogavero has never been easier. His conveniently located San Clemente office at Pico and La Pata is now accessible from San Juan Capistrano via the new La Pata Road connection. A redesigned website allows for online appointment requests and health histories so that managing your treatment is just a click away. Visit
SyncYourSmile.com to learn about Dr. Mogavero, his stellar team, Orthodontics, Invisalign and more.

Dr. Mogavero is a Board Certified Orthodontist (Baylor Orthodontics) with degrees in Dentistry and Biomedical Engineering from UCLA and is also a Premier Preferred Provider of Invisalign. He and his wife, Anna, live in San Clemente with their five children.



Professional Football Player

Smile success story and former patient, Sean Harlow, now playing for the Atlanta Falcons.



Lifestyle & Fashion Photographer

Taking photos and videos has always made me smile, and inspired me to start my own independent video business.  I now have over 19,000 followers on Instagram! Thanks to Dr. Mogavero, my great smile makes me feel more confident when working with notable clients such as Madison Beer, Jake Paul, and Jay Alvarez. I’m so lucky that my job is my passion, and look forward to a successful career in videography.



Dancer, Rapper, Model

After losing my baby teeth and watching the crooked ones come in, I stopped wanting to smile for pictures. I felt really insecure about my smile. Now, thanks to Dr. Mogavero and his awesome staff, I have my confidence back. It makes a huge difference when going to auditions, performing at concerts, and shooting music videos. I love meeting my fans and smiling for the camera!



Graduating Senior, Community Volunteer

Community service is a big part of my life, and I volunteer hundreds of hours in Orange County and LA, bringing food and necessities to hungry individuals and families. I make it a point to smile at each person and try to get to know them, because sometimes that’s all it takes to make a huge difference in someone’s life! Dr. Mogavero and his staff made me confident in my smile, ready to face the world.


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