Dream Brother

Kristofer Winrich was born with an adoration for music. His parents are both incredibly talented musicians/singers that met while their respective bands borrowed equipment from each other. They were married and the perfect recipe for musically inclined children was created and their three sons were born. Kris is the eldest of the three, all of whom are currently working with music and making their livings off of what they love. While Kris had initially learned drums and piano at age six, he didn’t pick up the guitar until about ten years later. He fell in love with the instrument for it’s expressive qualities. He began to perform live at the age of seventeen on a weekly basis and continues to do so to this day. Kris began working in the studio on several different projects for the past couple of years and finds that the most prolific, productive, and stimulating work is done here.

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  • 2016
  • Tuesday 22 March 19:00
  • Tuesday 20 December 19:00
  • 2017
  • Tuesday 28 February 19:00
  • Tuesday 23 May 19:00
  • Sunday 13 August 19:00